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When you say internet market, many naive advertisers readily say, “Nah! leave it”. Because most people think internet advertising does not provide ROI. Or just that, internet marketing results are not measurable.


Most brick and mortar dealers especially those dealing in those businesses such as hardware store owners have a strange aversion for internet based advertising strategies. This is because, right at the core of their heart they strongly wrongly believe internet advertising is a farce and does work at all.


How bad it is. There are millions of hardware stores and even small home based businesses though in all product categories are selling only through internet. While such is the dependence on internet selling and marketing, there are few sorry many out in IT proud country like India would even take a shade under internet on a good or a bad day.


Wrong notions, own bitter experiences in the past or shared by friends and resistance to education and innovation have made a great portion of these business people totally indifferent to anything online. The recent heavy bouts of newspaper advertising by the likes of Online Shopping giants Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra have really created some awareness and expectations in these not-so-easily hearsome hardnut businessmen.


Apart from these newspaper advertising, workshops on online marketing organised by their trade associations and push for joint participation strategies by members of trade groups and friends can help to dispel the long and deeply buried ‘hatred’ towards Internet Marketing.


Coimbatore Search Engine offers a proof of ROI for their online marketers and advertisers and show them how they can redeem their ad budget through online sales and branding in their sales presentations.


The illustration show’s ROI.


Missed opportunity goes to optimists waiting next

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